Getting in the Exercise!

The sun has been blissful this week and today the girls and I made the most of every opportunity to stretch our legs. Sophie and I spent the morning at Oriental Parade where we handled starfish and walked along the waterfront. I pushed her back to the car in the buggy – along the beach – to give the ‘ole muscles a work-out!

After Kindi the girls cycled along Lyall Bay Parade. They go at a really decent pace – challenging each other to go faster – which gave me a really good workout too! I’m still managing to walk – fast – but not at an Olympic, hip wiggling, pace. Another year or two and I’ll be able to jog alongside them. We did stop for a little break – at The Warehouse – as Charlotte was feeling too hot in her long-sleeved top. T-shirts were hard to come by – but this beautiful, sparkling dress (pictured below) was too gorgeous to say no to! Off came the jeans and on went the dress. Sophie chose a similar dress in pink and they looked a picture cycling along, catching the sun with their sequins and wearing their helmets!

I took the above photograph at the Zoo – after the cycling. We saw a kiwi (but had to be crafty and use the flash of my camera to actually spot it in the darkness!) and the girls loved seeing the pelicans being fed. What a day of fun in the sun and fresh air! My mission to tire the girls out succeeded; with SJ asleep by 7pm and Charli by 8pm.

Unfortunately, the weather looks set to turn wet and windy tomorrow ‘avo so we’ll have to resort to indoor fun and games – we’ve already had some laughs this week with ‘space hopper’ races, running through newspaper and dive bombing on mattresses!

One member of our family that won’t be amused with the coming wind and rain is Simba – he loves the garden in the sun. But when the noise and chaos comes inside – especially when he’s continually trying to nap – he’s not a happy cat! He looks at us with such disdain as though we’re a pack of crazed hyenas (which probably isn’t too far from the truth at times!).