Great Places to Scoot in Wellington

Ava from Micro Scooters has handpicked four of the best places in the capital to get scooting! From the serene beauty of the Botanic Gardens to the tranquil waterfront, these are kid-friendly scooting zones the whole family can enjoy. With the long summer holidays now upon us I love getting out with my three daughters and exploring.  They love the speed of scooting along (and quite often catching Pokemon!), whilst I enjoy the exercise. Enjoy this wonderful guest post (which I must mention I am publishing out of goodwill and support for Micro Scooters, rather than any payment).

A family takes a break from scooting in Wellington

A family takes a break from scooting in Wellington

Anyone who has ever lived or visited Wellington will be well aware of its hilly terrain and windy weather. These two elements can provide a unique opportunity for scooter fans to search for some good spots, as well as lovely, peaceful settings ideal for kids learning to scoot. Here are a few of our favourites:

Botanic gardens

The Wellington Botanic Gardens are a true Kiwi landmark. Tourists and locals alike flock to its magnificent rose garden, children’s play area, exotic plants and picturesque views.

The beauty of the botanic gardens is its sheer size. Covering 26 hectares of prime real estate, the botanic gardens have something for everyone, including the perfect scooter paths for kids and families.

No matter whether you start off at the top of the Cable Car or on the Tinakori Road end, your kids will love careening around the wide pathways and up and down the tree-lined slopes.

Just don’t scoot near the rose garden; the groundskeepers will not be happy. Instead, head for the duck pond where you’ll find kids of all ages playing and feeding the ducks with gusto.

My oldest daughter whizzing along the bays on Wellington's south coast.

My oldest daughter whizzing along the bays on Wellington’s south coast.

The waterfront

There’s a saying that Wellingtonians love to recite: ‘You can’t beat Wellington on a good day‘. And it’s true. It really is hard to beat.

In Wellington on a good day, the waterfront shines like a diamond down Lambton Quay and all the way to Oriental Parade, known by some as the Riviera of the South. And this one long trail is perfect for an afternoon scoot with kids.

You’ll pass the renowned Te Papa museum, the buzzy restaurants housed within the boat sheds, Queens Wharf and so much more. Make sure you stop off at the iconic Frank Kitts Park playground with the lighthouse slide. Don’t miss the skate park in Waitangi Park either. It’s a great place for kids to test out their scooter skills!

A mum scoots down Wellington waterfront with her two kids

A mum scoots down Wellington waterfront with her two kids

Days Bay

If the main waterfront’s just too packed or not your cup of tea, that’s cool. You’ll find your inner peace across the bay in beautiful Days Bay. You can either drive or take the ferry from the city; either route’s full of scenic beauty.

Located just past Lower Hutt, Days Bay is insulated by three slopes all around it, which gives it a grand feel. And the real beauty about Days Bay is how compact it is. You can scoot through Williams Park and the boardwalk in a couple of hours, which leaves plenty of time for an ice-cream or coffee at the pavilion.

And if Days Bay’s a bit far, Petone makes a great substitute…leisurely scoot down the Esplanade then stop off at one of the great cafes on Jackson Street!

Otari-Wilton’s Bush

Our Micro Scooters office is located in the city, which makes connecting with nature a little tricky. To counter this, we’ll sometimes venture out to the majestic Otari reserve.

A mere 5km from the city, the Otari-Wilton’s Bush is a unique plant sanctuary that is the only botanic garden in New Zealand dedicated solely to native plants. There’s even an 800-year-old Rimu tree, one of the oldest in Wellington, for the kids to scoot past.

Author Bio

Ava Simpson is a marketing coordinator for Micro Scooters, the global leader in scooters. Ava works at the Micro AU/NZ headquarters in Wellington and can often be found scooting around the CBD and the waterfront. She contributes regular blog posts about kid scooters and activities to Micro’s blog. Other than scooting, Ava is passionate about photography and hiking Wellington’s many wilderness trails.

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My youngest daughter, aged 6, scooting along past Houghton Bay, on Wellington's south coast

My youngest daughter, aged 6, scooting along past Houghton Bay, on Wellington’s south coast and trying to keep up with her two older sisters!