Bug off germs: Leave us in peace to admire the tulips

It’s the start of the annual ‘Spring Festival‘ this Sunday in Wellington’s Botanical Garden. Tulip Sunday on 28 September kicks the winter blues away and calls in the joy and colour of Spring. The festivities continue throughout the two-week school holidays, culminating in a Family Picnic on Sunday 12 October.

These photographs weren’t taken this year, but hopefully we can all feel well enough to break out into the sunshine and enjoy the tulips soon. Poor Dan is really crook now – so much for ‘the force is with us’! Charli isn’t very well either. That just leaves me and Sophie. I’m still very weak on my legs and dizzy in my head, but slowly making progress. However, I do need to visit the pathologist when I’m well for a ferritin test on account of my very high iron levels. Sophie is sneezing and coughing and I hope she doesn’t come down with a fever too – she’s been such a patient, happy, little trooper this week (even though she was awake at 6am this morning!).

Anyway, when I woke this morning I thought, ‘must think positive thoughts’ and had to grab a ‘good feel’ photograph and plaster it up here to cheer my spirits. Yesterday was a glorious day of sunshine and today looks set to be the same – maybe I can manage to take the girls for a little fresh sea air whilst Dan rests up.

Hope you’re all keeping well and germ free! Love, Sarah x