Crook again but the force is with us

Still crook. Saw the doctor today – which was, as I expected, a total waste of time. Spent half an hour in the waiting room, dozing in and out of sleep, before being poked, prodded and told, ‘Lots of fluids, Vitamin C and lots of rest’. $45 worse off at the end of it and wished I’d stayed at home and slept. Anyway, feeling a little better this ‘avo, though still running a temperature. Charli is off school with a fever too and Sophie will probably come down with it soon. Poor Dan is managing to cope – but was working at home till 1am last night to catch up. He’s had to cancel so many meetings and is falling behind.

When Dan phoned the head-master this morning he got a personal thank-you for being a responsible parent and keeping Charli at home. It seems there’s been so many children sent off to school with illnesses which has affected the whole teaching staff and so many families. If only people would stop and think of the larger community before sending ill children to school. It’s crazy!

So.. no ‘WOW’ for me tonight. We’re just hoping we can all be well enough to enjoy our holiday next week – though poor Dan is going to have to take his lap-top with him and work whilst we’re away. Oh well, never mind, there’s sure to be brighter days round the corner. Time for another lemon and honey drink… 🙂

Sick of being ill this winter! I have never, ever experienced a winter of illness like this! Okay, Spring is here – let the good health return, please! My glands were swollen again on Thursday, then Friday night I was greeted by my ‘little visitor’, and then the coughing and my muscles aching, my head feeling like it’s stuffed with cotton wool… every person I talk to says, ‘Have you heard about the latest virus going round school?’ Thankfully, the girls have managed to stay well throughout the term. The occasional snuffle and cough, but nothing serious. However, I’m running on empty and feel as though my immune system can’t take anymore. I seriously must go to the docs this week and demand antibiotics!

Thankfully, Dan is being an absolute trooper and managing to avoid illness (though his seasonal hay-fever has started already). He cooked a roast on Saturday for our dear friend Lucy, a spag bog on Sunday for friends Kathy, Mark and their gorgeous boys, and managed to keep the girls from under my feet so I could take a couple of naps.

I reached breaking point at 5.30pm today whilst on my hands and knees tidying up the copious amounts of artwork the girls are churning out. I shouldn’t complain – it’s really heavenly that they’re currently not into T.V. in a big way. Sophie’s into cutting and making collages, whilst Charli is writing stories. Thankfully, the girls heard my cry for help and said, ‘What can we do Mummy?’ – which made me cry even more! Anyway, both girls helped out immensely. Dan walked through the door at 6.30pm and I was so relieved to see him. I know he’s under a lot of pressure at work, but he always manages to be there for us when he’s home. I just fell into his arms, with my head spinning. The girls were both tucked up in bed by 7.30pm and I’ve just been vegging on the sofa.

Anyway, on to more positive news. I left SJ alone at creche (for all of 15 minutes) and she was absolutely fine. I’m really looking forward to getting well enough to start regular exercise again. Not that I’m not active… an hour’s walk on the waterfront with Sophie this morning, 2-hour creche visit, flying visit to library, followed by a work-out at the playground… quick dash home for a cuppa and then walked to school (pushing SJ in buggy up the hill all the way as there wasn’t time for her walk and inspect every blade of grass). Walked back from school, via another playground, and finally arrived home to cook dinner, facilitate artwork, monitor the trampoline action, pick up the dirty laundry etc. etc.

Other great news – Charli’s still loving school, has lots of friends, is starting to look at me as though I’m ‘invisible’ when her friends are around and when I say, ‘What was that you were talking about?’ – she replies, ‘Oh, nothing Mum,’ and giggles to herself. At home she’s writing all the time… she doesn’t stop sounding out words and writing stories. Daddy has got her into Star Wars in a big way and is delighted at having an excuse to run around the garden pretending to be a Jedi Knight.

She performed a story to our guests on Sunday and handed out little hand-written tickets telling us our seat number. The story itself wasn’t Nobel Prize winning, but the handwriting and spelling were such a delight to see after only one term at school (with some cute little errors and mix ups with upper and lower case – the English language is so strange at times!).

It read like this, ‘On a sune [sunny] DAy. We all dreamt of Star Wars. We all Dreamt of Darth VaDer. And it was fun.’

I could go on all night, but I must get myself off to bed – NOW. Let the force be with you!