Rediscovering ‘me’

After a brief stint in New Zealand of a year and a half from 1997 to 1998, Dan and I traveled back to the UK for a wonderful year. We were married in 1999 and within a few month’s after our wedding Dan was invited to return to New Zealand to work for one of his old clients. We returned on his work visa, as a married couple. I was unable to work under my permit, until we got residency – which was a good six month wait. It was then that I had the first opportunity to really ‘find myself’ and fulfill my passions of exploring the great outdoors and writing.

Kayaking in the CoromandelWhite Island, New ZealandMt Robert, Nelson Lakes NPPerfect retreat in the Wairarapa

In those months I did a lot of voluntary work and started writing regularly. The voluntary work led to a job when our residency came through and my love of writing continued. Unfortunately I fell ill with Glandular Fever a couple of year’s into my job, which then led to mild depression. My employer was wonderfully supportive and I worked a lot from home and managed to keep going for six month’s before deciding I needed to take a proper break. A few month’s after leaving my job I fell pregnant with Charlotte and felt the best in health. Throughout my pregnancy with Charlotte I wrote, dabbled with art and focused on my health and wellbeing with excellent nutrition, yoga and daily walks. I really was glowing.

When Charlotte was born I tried to keep up with writing, but as her naps started to dwindle and two and a half year’s later Sophie arrived, I found less time to be creative. This blog has at least given me a small outlet of creativity in a sense.

I am now at a stage where I can see more time returning to my day to reignite my passions. I have loved living in the moment these past five year’s with my children. I have always been aware that these years will pass like a blink of an eye. I never wanted to wish these years away, but savor every moment. I’ve succeeded in this and will treasure these early year’s in my parenting journey forever.

Now is an exciting time. I’m still very busy with my parenting duties and still enthusiastic about what every day brings; but I’m beginning to think of the future too.

Sophie is currently visiting creche and excited about it. It’s a little creche at the local swimming pool. The sessions are only two hour’s long; but enough for me to start looking after myself again. I’ve been a little remiss about by health since Sophie arrived. I’ve taken short-cuts and my immune system has started to falter. I know what steps I need to take to return to the glowing energy and balance of 1993. I have a long way to go; but I know that as I focus on giving every moment in the present all my conscious energy the changes will take place for the better.

I met some beautiful friends in my volunteering days way back in 1999/2000. Friends that are still with me today. They’ve left New Zealand’s shores a few times over the years, but are now back and for that I am so grateful. They’ve been there for Dan and I in so many ways and we feel very blessed to have them in our lives. They have supported me, in particular, in my journey into parenthood. It’s also been extremely valuable to have friends that knew me in ‘my past life’ before children. They know and understand me in so many ways. Living as an ‘Expat’ away from those that love and know me so well hasn’t always been easy. But, thanks to my dear friends the days have been easier. They’ve helped to remind me of who I am and have encouraged my self-esteem to begin refocusing on ‘me’. Thank you dear friends and all the new friends I’ve met on my parenting journey.