Time to Chill and Eat Cake

Term three is coming to a close,
And these three can’t help but strike a pose.
For though they’re happy stepping out on their own,
They are only too happy to strut together in town.

Charli after ballet

Weekends of ballet and swimming take a break,
It’s time for us to chill and eat some cake.
No rushing out the door and running for the bell,
We’re free to explore every sight, touch and smell.

Charli and the Gingerbread girl

Daddy needs a break from the daily routine,
Mummy needs to step away from the washing machine.
We’ll take to the country and hit the slopes,
The fish and the cat are sure to cope.

Clocks are springing forward soon,
Warm nights to dance in the light of the moon.
Seeds to sow and lawns to mow,
We can’t wait for the pace to slow!