Look! No Stabilisers!

Well done Charli! You cracked it in under a week! After a few days of pushing off with your feet, and gliding around the house, you decided the recreation centre was the place to really go for it. You calmly turned to Daddy and said, ‘Just hold the saddle whilst I get my feet up on the pedals, that’s the hardest bit.’ Obligingly, your Daddy did just that and considered holding on for a bit, but you had the balance and as he tentatively let go you rode away! After that, you rode calmly round, stopping with ease and getting yourself up and going independently too. Amazing!

And Sophie – you are a star on your bike too!

Wow – you sisters sure have a ton of energy and so much fun together! It wasn’t yet 7.30am this fine Sunday morning and you were painting before breakfast! You never cease to amaze me.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend and long may this sunshine last… it felt so good to eat our dinner outside, play in the garden and have a little session on the piano and guitar with our wonderful friends Kathy, Mark, Hawk and Hayden this afternoon.

Here’s to music, wine, sunshine and good company!