Jedi Charli Returns to School

Charli bounded into school this morning, running ahead of us, with great excitement. She ran into her new class with no hesitation. She eagerly sat on the mat as soon as the bell rang. We left quickly. Sophie was in my arms, very sad and choked up. Dan was with me for moral support and as we left the school grounds both Sophie and I shed a little tear.

Sophie and I ended up having a wonderful morning together at the library and posting cards to dear family; but by lunchtime – when we returned home – the atmosphere was too quiet. Rain set in, after week’s of nothing. I knew Charli would have spent most of her six hour’s at school in the classroom, with little opportunity to run freely and let off her excessive energy. When we picked her up she was happy, but as soon as we got home the frustration set in. All holidays Charli’s mood has been stable, no sign of frustration, no stomach aches from holding in her ‘number twos’ due to stress, a good appetite for her food. Tonight, all that exploded! Here we go again… I can only hope and pray she settles in soon and finds her way… just like the Jedi Knights she so loves!

She has been fanatical about Star Wars ever since we had a bout of flu last winter and Dan put snippets on. Just like she was fanatical about Thomas the Tank Engine for years. She reads the books, knows all the fictional planets, the characters, the political ramblings with the key message of the ‘good’ force and those that have fallen to the dark side, allowing anger and sadness to over rule their emotions and control their actions.

In time she’ll find her little niche of friends, or flit from one group to another, a social butterfly of sorts, but one who knows her own mind and chooses to follow her own instincts and strives to follow the right path. I pray for her the joy of friendship and a sense of belonging. I pray she learns to find a way to cope in a busy environment; where often she is out of her comfort zone. She is such a free spirit, happy in her own company. In time she’ll find her strength in a sea of people.

On a lighter note! Here’s a video Charli and our neighbour’s son – Josh – put together over the school holidays! Let the Force be with you!