Farewell Summer Hols

Two more day’s till we run for the bell. Late night’s of summer reigned in with earlier bedtimes.
Farewell to long, amicable days at leisure round the house. Reading together. Learning together.
Creating crafts, food and music together.

Nurturing the fruit and vegetables growing in our garden. Savouring the sweet taste of summer on our lips. We’ve enjoyed eating together and taking time over our food. Such a relief not having to make packed lunches every day. Breakfasts have frequently involved more than one course; eating like Hobbits we’ve huddled around the kitchen, endless chatter and laughter.

Sisters delighting in a bond so precious, now to be torn apart Monday to Friday and head their separate ways. No more impromptu imaginary play in the garden. The fairies will miss the girls tinkering. I will miss their laughter as I play the piano and delight in the way they get along with such ease.

How I’ve marveled at the new depth of their relationship, having had so much time to spend with each other. Charli reading to Sophie and teaching her new games. Sophie amazing us all in her ability to keep up with Charli and stride out on her own. Charli’s patience with her sister and ability to listen, as well as lead, have made me so proud.

So many days we’ve simply stayed home, playing with neighbours and friends. Other days we’ve ventured out to museums, beaches, gardens and the zoo. Meeting Dan for lunch and after work at the beach, family time at its best.

Learning to read, write and draw, all coming so naturally when immersed in activities and interests to suit their passions. Often they would head out, notebooks and pens tucked in bags, ready to learn from the world around them. Leisurely afternoon’s at the zoo getting close to Weta and Kiwi. Talking to the Zoo keeper’s about the animals. Reading signs, drawing pictures, learning in their own time, at its best.

Ah well, we’ll soon be back to our routines and all the dramas they entail. I shall try to be positive, keep my chin up. Not let my own sadness through. Learn to savour one-on-one time with Sophie again. Settle Sophie into afternoon Kindi, three day’s a week. Maybe I’ll actually join a gym!

The Plan: Nurture knowledge and independence in the morning routine to save my vocal chords in nagging and save my children from having to listen to me nag!