Affordable Art

With the New Zealand Affordable Art Show on this weekend in Wellington the girls decided to create some of their own art. With the only cost being a couple of canvases and paint, this really is affordable art! I think it’s so important for children to see their art displayed in the main living areas of a family home, not just tucked away in a corner. It makes children feel that their art is every bit as important, precious and meaningful as the more expensive, investment pieces on the walls (not that we have many of those!). And with encouragement, they will happily spend hours creating and expressing themselves.

So, here they are in the laundry room (which is more frequently referred to as ‘the Art Room’) totally in the zone (loving Sophie’s hoodie and Charli’s habit of twirling her hair when she’s concentrating).

Meanwhile, at school, Charli’s also coming up with some entertaining artwork. The following piece did the circuit of the staff room and left ‘Daddy O’ feeling a tad pink in the cheeks; especially when Charli’s teacher called him to one side to share a chuckle!

The full poem was:
Cheeky Charli
Rock ‘n’ rolling
I like to watch my Daddy rock ‘n’ roll