A positive week thus far :)

On Monday, I got my mail off to the UK for the economy Christmas deadline. I’d pre-organised a deluxe pedicure for after the mailing (an hour of standing on my feet certainly was deserving of some tender loving care). I’ve never had a pedicure before and it was only because someone had kindly given me a voucher that I took the opportunity to indulge (I’d had the voucher sitting in my bag since April…). Ah, it was bliss! My feet were so soft and pink afterwards and I decided to book myself in for a repeat before the end of term.

On Tuesday, I had a lovely meet up with a fellow blogger, who always inspires with her work / life balance. Follow her fabulous photo blogging at Domestic Executive. We met at the parliament end of the city and it was a rare feeling of escapism from my usual domestic and parenting duties. I arrived early so that I could work on a writing assignment prior to our catch up. I felt very flash with my MacBook sipping herbal tea.

Oh yes, I’m really making the most of Sophie being at morning Kindi and have unearthed all my old writing files. I am on a mission to complete a writing course I started before Charli was born. It’s nice to know that, when I do get a window of opportunity, the burning desire to write and be creative hasn’t been extinguished in the years of sleep deprivation and mothering. I knew when time allowed I’d return to it – however momentarily; as when bubs arrives in February I’ll be otherwise occupied, but in a very special way. So, whilst time is on my side I am busy writing short story outlines, formulating plots for a novel and character outlines, and writing short stories to suit various markets.

The weather has perked up again this week and everyone is walking around with big smiles on their faces. It’s great to see folk lingering after school to have a chat (instead of leaning into an oncoming southerly and battling their way to the car without having any children blown into the stratosphere).

Early evening on Tuesday we grabbed the opportunity for an impromptu play at the beach on the way home from dance classes. I texted Dan to get off the bus at Lyall Bay and we spent a delightful hour running in and out of the waves and drawing in the sand.

Today was glorious and Charli proudly went off to school wearing a stunning dress from Grandma. Sophie really wanted to wear her dress to Kindi, but understood my logic in saying, ‘No’ – since she always comes back covered in paint. These dresses, from the divine ‘Monsoon‘, are not for messy paint play. I only WISH they made them in my size. I did find myself drooling over the Monsoon website at the gorgeous array of designs (and am very excited that they will soon be delivering to New Zealand!).

The day the pre-Christmas treat dresses arrived…. they twirled around the room for an hour:

DSCF4852 DSCF4853 DSCF4856

This morning I dropped Sophie at Kindi and had my mind set on writing. A walk was very tempting, but I really wanted to stay focused. However, the house on my return was in desperate need of a hoover and clean… so I procrastinated on my writing alas. Tomorrow, however, is another day and with a clean house I can relax and really turn my head to words.

This afternoon was a real taste of summer. There was quite a stiff wind blowing on the coast, but we’re so lucky to be sheltered from it at our home. Sophie delighted in whiling away a few hour’s on the garden swing and trying to do head-stands on the trampoline. I sat in the sun soaking up a moment of blissful warmth, occasionally getting roped into a game of football. She then decided to water our plants and very kindly refrained from giving me a drenching. Most definitely a positive week thus far!