The sun sets on 2009

As the year draws to a close we pause to reflect on what has been and what is to come. New Year’s Eve is filled with emotions of the past and hope for the future.

2009 has been kind to our family and we are hoping 2010 blesses us with the safe arrival of our third child and (if we can stop our lovely daughters from spending our savings!) a trip to the UK to catch up with our folks.

This past year has seen our daughters forge forward in forming their own identities and becoming increasingly independent. Dan’s business has continued to do well and grow, despite the recession, and I’ve been focusing on my love of the piano, writing and creating domestic harmony in our home. I get so much satisfaction from ensuring all the needs of my family are met in a homely sense. Some folk may think this trivial or not of any importance, but it is where my heart is happiest.

Hearing the laughter in our home and feeling the harmony between us is what life is all about. Keeping it simple. All this doesn’t just ‘happen’ it takes thought, physical and emotional effort, constant reviewing and reflection as we all grow and change. And lots of communication. I remember my Dad saying on our Wedding Day that a strong marriage depends on communication and a willingness to listen and learn. We value our family time around the dinner table in the evenings to reflect on our day and our chatter at breakfast in anticipation of the day ahead. The before bed time with our children is the most special and precious. We don’t begrudge this time and happily spend a good hour or so listening, playing and talking. This is the time when dreams are made and the seeds of thought planted.

This evening, after a perfect day in the Botanical Gardens, we are heading down to the beach to watch the sun set for the last time in 2009. It’s a beautiful evening. The picnic basket is packed. The BBQ ready. We’re covered up and mosquito proof (hopefully!) and stocked up with rugs to cuddle up in, marshmallows to toast and sparklers to see out the old and see in the new.

Thank you for following us in 2009. We really value your comments, support, stories shared and words of wisdom. We look forward to an exciting 2010, though I suspect they’ll be a few less blog posts as the need for sleep moves up high on the list of priorities with a baby in the house!

Have a very Happy New Year! xx


We got home a little after 9pm and had a few fireworks before tucking the girls up by 10pm. They were giddy with over-tiredness, full of chatter, euphoria and happiness.

There was a wonderful atmosphere on the beach. The waves were magnificent. Groups of people were gathered around driftwood fires to watch the sunset and see in the New Year. A few brave souls took a dip in the sea as the sunset and the girls danced with their sparklers in the twilight of dusk.

Thinking of everyone near and far seeing in the New Year. Best wishes for a happy, peaceful and healthy 2010 x