Alice is nearly two week’s old and her big sisters are making her very welcome. Alice is only awake for very short periods throughout the day, so they really have to make the most of the time when her bright eyes are open.


They’ve been so good for us. I’ve been making an effort to get up every morning to help with breakfast, though I’d dearly love to stay in bed! By keeping the ‘routines’ going as much as possible, they’ve been really settled with the new dynamics. Evenings are hardest, when I’m so tired, but we muddle through. It’s been fantastic having Dan help out with the school and kindi drop off in the morning – I really don’t know how I’d manage otherwise – well I would – but I’d still be in my p-jays!

Sophie loves to help with nappy change time and pulls up a chair alongside the change table to sing a song to Alice. When Charli was born I drove myself crazy singing nursery rhymes, pulling funny faces and talking aloud to her about the trees, sky and universe. Little Alice is going to have two big sisters to entertain her, which is fabulous for her and a big help to me too!

I can’t get over how big the girls now look next to Alice. And Charli is in absolute awe of Alice’s tiny hands, feet and shell like ears.

Here are a few cute words from the girls about their baby sister….

Sophie (with Alice asleep on her): ‘We are taking turns to breath. When her tummy goes out, mine goes in.’

Sophie, in response to a nurse at the hospital saying, ‘Alice, like Alice in Wonderland’: ‘No, not Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Roseland!’

Charli: ‘Is Alice’s brain working yet?’

Charli: ‘She’s so adorable, I just want to spend so much time with her.’