Milk Mamma

So… I am a walking milk machine. All is going reasonably well and Alice is gaining weight nicely. Here she is being weighed by my midwife (the girls found this technique fascinating!) and looking scrumptious sleeping in her moses basket:

DSCF6193 P1000446

Unfortunately, we’ve had a few unsettled evenings, with Alice producing green, instead of nice yellow, poo poos in her nappy. A quick ‘Google’ (thank goodness for the Internet!) and we discovered our little lass was filling up fast on the fore-milk and not getting to the calorie rich hind-milk. My boobs have been feeling like rocks and over-producing so the poor wee lass was gulping down the sugary, lactose rich stuff so fast that she had no room left in her tummy for the real McCoy. So, I fed off only one side for a whole night (spending a while in the bathroom relieving the overly full side with a session expressing milk over the sink) and then switched to the other side the next day. And the result? Yah! Yellow poos! Such is my life as a walking milk machine!

P1000431 P1000419