Wild weather

Wild weather blasted Wellington this afternoon.

Forecaster Chris Noble said that, when the storm hit Wellington, temperatures plummeted from 18.5 degrees Celsius to 8.5 degrees in Kelburn within ten minutes, with a similar drop recorded at Wellington Airport.

At 4.30pm, wind gusts of up to 130kmh were reported in Kelburn, and 120kmh at Wellington Airport.

We were nearly caught out in it, having raced into the car around 3pm to see if we could spot a pod of Orcas that had been spotted on the south coast. Unfortunately, we arrived a little late and the Orcas had moved on (but check out some awesome photos by Timo Reitnauer who was so lucky to see them). We stopped off at The Bach in Island Bay and saw the storm roll in. We got back to the car with seconds to spare before the mighty gusts and hail struck.

Sophie was a bit frightened, but soon appeased when we got home, drew the curtains, got out the popcorn and put on hi-5. We rescued her Phoenix football from the garden, as well as some neighbour’s clothes that had blown over the fence, and tucked up whilst the storm raged on.

It was all over pretty quick, but left a tree down on the driveway – which the girls then enjoyed sawing down!

Check out this YouTube video someone took: