The Magic Fart Day

One day in a city lived Mrs. Ratbag and Mr. Ratbag. They lived at
number 99 Fart Bay Road. Their phone number was 297829694.

Mr and Mrs Ratbag spent all their time farting. They were professional
farters. Actually, they were the most professional farters in all the

Mr Ratbags favourite fart was a wet diaper fart. It sounded like a
thousand babies filling their nappies. His favourite food was maggot
pie. His favorite drink was spew smoothie.

Mrs Ratbag’s favorite fart was the brown mosquito. It sounded like a
squeaking door opening and closing. Her favourite food was spew relish
pie. Her favourite drink was slug lemonade with scab sprinkles.

One day they decided to have a week off farting. They grew fatter and
fatter and fatter and fatter. Then some burglars came in to their
house whilst they were asleep. Mr and Mrs Ratbag could not hold their
farts in any longer. So they let rip without knowing the burglars
were there. The burglars’ faces went green. They ran outside with
terror and fear, never wanting to come back to this fart infested

Along came a policeman who saw them running terrified across the road.
He arrested them and took them to jail for half a year.

The End.