Rascal thumps his stuff

He came, he went, he came again. Rascal rabbit is living up to his name. After causing us one sleepless night back in January, when he went missing for 24 hour’s and was later found in a neighbour’s backyard, he has done it again!

Rascal rabbit

This time he went missing for not one, but two night’s – the dirty stop out!

Sunday morning he went missing and so Mother’s Day (NZ) was spent searching the neighbourhood, but there wasn’t a bob tail in sight.

Monday morning I had the unfortunate job of informing Kindi and getting some flyers printed off to do a letter-box drop.

Tuesday, around tea time, I get a text from Frances to say, ‘Tell Sophie there’s a surprise waiting for her when she gets home.’

I had taken Sophie to ballet, whilst Charlotte was at a play-date. Frances was kindly mowing the lawns when a neighbour came round with the good news that Rascal was hopping about on our drive-way. He then spent a good half hour trying to catch Rascal, collecting a few scratches for his efforts.

The story, it seems, is that Rascal had taken himself off for a play-date with the rabbit he’d met on his last escapade. We’re just waiting to find out if there are any baby bunnies as a result…

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