Daddy & Sophie cycle to Kindergarten

‘Please can I cycle to Kindi, pleeeease?!’ Sophie pleaded, jumping up and down with her boundless energy.

With her Daddy all geared up to cycle into work Sophie decided she’d like to take the green route to Kindergarten and leave the car in the garage. Well, the conditions looked good for it – no mean wind to battle against, blue sky and sun to take the edge off the morning chill.

‘Okay Sophie,’ said Daddy, ‘Let’s go for it!’.


Sophie giggled with excitement and radiated positive energy. Charlotte, home with a virus, smiled happily for her sister and Mummy, also not A1, looked on in awe at Sophie’s energy and thought quietly, ‘That’ll hopefully tire her out. As much as I admire that girls enthusiasm, I’ll be glad of a peaceful morning with Charlotte and Alice.’

They waved goodbye and set off along the beautiful coast road. A fabulous way to start the day.

Daddy cycled alongside Sophie thinking, ‘This sure beats my old commuting days when I worked in the UK’. Sophie made the 3.5km ride with plenty of puff left to spare, leaving Daddy to cycle on into work. He took this little video footage on his iPhone, whilst carefully balancing on his bike and watching Sophie managing her brakes with great expertise heading down hill…