Happy to have my sisters home

Ah goo! I am Alice. I am five and a half month’s old and probably the world’s youngest blogger (chuckle, chuckle). I just had to have a turn dribbling over Mummy’s Mac, as I’ve spent my whole life being fed in front of it whilst she types one handed, or napping on her shoulder to the beat of the keys (she types at least 80 wpm don’t you know!).

I’m having a pretty crazy time of it right now. My first two teeth cut through just before I reached the grand age of five month’s old. It was a painful experience, combined with a virus and a miserable week of wintery weather. But hey, I’m not looking for sympathy. All that’s in the past and I’m a girl (sorry, baby – even my sister’s don’t credit me with the title of ‘girl’ yet – I am most definitely ‘baby’ until I start moving, talking and wrecking their stuff!) of the moment. Right now, in my world, there is so much happening. Come and take a look…

I have two wonderful big sisters. They are usually out at kindergarten and school during term time but I hear the word ‘virus’ being used a lot and it means my sisters are at home. Last week it was Sophie’s turn and she’s my 4 year old sister. She’s really beginning to get the hang of playing with me. We like to hang out and pass the ball around…


This week it’s Charlotte’s turn to be *virused home (* I’m a baby so it’s okay for me to make up words). Charlotte is awfully floppy this week and not her usual self. She’s hardly talking, not eating and giving the couch a real work out. She’s my big, big 7 year old sister and she handles me with great care. She decided that it was time to put me in this contraption called a ‘Jolly Jumper’. I wondered what strange get up Mummy was dressing me in at first, but once I was hooked up and safely in the harness I was like, ‘Yah! This is the best fun – just don’t let me eat too much before’.


I sure am a lucky baby to have these two wonderful big sisters. Here they are working on a project together. They amaze me with their creativity. I watch and learn, but can’t yet join in. I’m working on other important projects of my own, like getting my toes in my mouth, rolling over, eating food and speaking the words in my head.


My sisters know I can’t play with them in the same way they do, so they are great at playing with me in ways I love. They read to me, play peek-a-boo, pull silly faces and tickle me. They know I love mirrors and prop me up in front of one so I can see myself looking back through the magic glass. In the bath they sing songs to me and trickle water over my shoulders, always checking I’m happy. I splash in the bath with them and kick my legs with excitement when I hear the bath being run. I am surrounded by their love.

So all these viruses that keep knocking us off step this winter aren’t all bad – they mean I get to spend more time with my sisters.