Food, food, glorious food!

I’m sitting up well, have two pearly whites ready for action and have been reaching out for everyone’s food for a few weeks now. Breast-milk is no longer enough (though I’m still having plenty – especially at night, tee hee). So, at nearly 6 month’s of age I have joined the rest of the family at the table with my own spoons and bowls (I’m working on my hand eye coordination and let’s just say it’s very much a work in progress with quite a bit ending up on the floor).

This food is great, messy stuff! So many colours, textures, smells and tastes. Here I am in my high chair enjoying a marmite covered crisp bread… yummy!


I really like to feed myself, which is fabulous fun for me, but a lot of extra work for Mummy! The kitchen floor is needing lots of wiping and I practically need a bath after each meal.

I love drinking water and it’s hard for anyone to have a drink and hold me at the same time – as I reach out and try to grab it. Mummy gave me my first sips of water from a little egg cup – the perfect size for me. Now I’m drinking merrily out of a sip-a-cup, guzzle, guzzle.

So far I have shown a few definite ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’…

Like – Marmite (as does Charlotte, but Sophie very much dislikes), Carrot (like both my sisters)

Dislike – Cucumber and Banana (as does Charlotte, but they are Sophie’s favourite)

I’m going to be eating full meals soon if I carry at the pace I’ve started!

And Mummy has had to say good-bye to her small hand-bags and give in to a huge ‘Mummy bag’. Life has just got a little bit busier for Mummy and Daddy…