This is my Sunday morning…

Sunday morning

At nearly 9 months old Alice is cutting teeth faster than Charlotte, at 7 years old, is losing them. She has five pearly milk whites and judging by the excessive drool, fingers in the mouth and number of night-time comfort feeds, there are more soon to come.

So, after breakfast and listening to Charlotte and Sophie practicing some duo act of singing and guitar strumming, I took the delightful opportunity of some quiet time in my bedroom with Alice, my laptop and a coffee.

Dan popped down to Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli with Sophie (still in her p-jays and carrying a homemade broom stick claiming to be a friend of Harry Potter) and returned with a strong Sunday morning brew (and some lovely pastries for morning tea).

This is a good Sunday morning and just what I need after last night’s marathon feeding session that Alice helped herself to.

Happy Sunday!

* Health & Safety note: The coffee cup was empty when I took the photograph 😉