Ten reasons I LOVE my job

No one tells me what I should wear and in the summer I live in bare feet and have little people volunteer to paint my nails (usually multi-colored and badly). I love not feeling pressured to scrub up in the latest fashion. Being able to wear a bikini top instead of a bra in summer is luxurious. High heels are over-rated and I’m proud of my ability to do the downward dog with my heels flat on the ground.

Bare feet & bikini

I can play at the beach and the park whenever the sun is shining. I can exercise every day in the fresh air and children make weight training fun. I have time to smell the roses, photograph my fairies dancing in the tulips and fill vases with lavender.

Beach time Sophie & the tulips Discovering

I have to read lots of wonderful children’s literature and can hang out in the library.

Children's literature

I can hide out at home in my p-jays all day if I want to, watch children’s movies, play board games, build with Lego, eat popcorn and eat cake (after I’ve baked & cleaned up!). And licking the bowl is allowed!

Sophie licking the bowl after baking

I can paint a picture just for fun and my little art critics tell me I am the next Monet.


I can play the piano when the fancy takes me and feel good about it (so long as I make a game out of it for the children). I can sing loudly and no one complains (but I am limited in choice with nursery rhymes, Disney hits, Abba and Michael Jackson being the preferred favourites in the house at the moment).

Playing piano with Alice

Children up to pre-school age laugh about 300 times a day, 300 times! Whereas adults laugh, on average, only 15 times a day – so being around children makes me happier and I definitely laugh more than 15 times a day! I can whizz down the slide, fly on a swing, do sitting jumps on the trampoline, splash in the sea and blow bubbles without anyone calling the men in white coats to take me away (ha, ha, hee, hee, ha, ha!).

Bouncing on trampoline with Sophie 9 months Face painted by the children At the beach with Charlotte (3) & Sophie (1)

I get to finish off ice-creams and ice-lollies (oops!) and spend fun times at the weekend riding around on croc bikes with my family!

Sophie with an icecream Oriental Parade Croc bike (Charlotte 4, Sophie 2)

I have an excuse not to go out at night, because since becoming a Mummy I’ve turned into a very contented recluse who would rather be in p-jays at 6.30 than don heels and go out to dinner. And I share all my special projects with one very amazing man who listens when I talk ‘shop’ 😉

Alice 8 weeks old


This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, prompt 5: 10 reasons why you love your job.