Poem about the time someone made you smile: ALICE


Articulate is not a word we can yet attribute to your name,
Although your name does start with A.
Adorable Alice, of words yet lame,
Although many attractive sounds you say.

Babble in the paddling pool Alice 8 months Yee haa in the swing Alice 8 months


Mama, Dada, Baba… all arouse a smile and more.
We listen with attentive ears.
Learning your language is never a bore,
Love is a laughing lullaby as you drift to sleep free of tears.

Sleep Alice 8 months Out the window Alice 8 months


Innocence so pure glows irridescent from your sparkling eyes.
Idle we are not before your gaze.
Impish grins you bestow upon us,
As you investigate every intricate detail of your new isle.

Alice 8 months baba x Alice 8 months in the garden


Climbing, crawling, clutching at life & a crystal ball,
Caressing our skin with your hands so cute & small.
Cuddles bring smiles and chuckles of comfort,
Character so free from a life that is taught.

Glitter ball Climbing up the stairs Alice 8 months


Energy so engaging as well as exasperating,
Envious are we of your world of excitement.
Endearing us to see everything with your enthusiasm so enchanting,
Ever willing us to smile and pay you a compliment.

Clap clap Alice 8 months got to top Smile from Alice 8 months


Alice, you have won all our hearts with your smile.
Live happy our little one,
Innocent and now mobile.
Create a life full of fun,
Ever enchanting us and making us smile.

With love, your family xx


This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, prompt 2: Write a poem about a time someone made you smile.