What a difference

It’s been two weeks since I visited the doctor and sought help for mild-depression. The medication made me feel really tired and fuzzy headed at first and I haven’t been running as a result. On the up side I haven’t been weepy or felt tense and angry. And today, for the first time, I felt a little more like my old self. I walked up to school with Charlotte and felt really positive within. When I came home, with Alice sleeping soundly, I walked around the garden, enjoying the changing sights of spring and basking in the sunshine.

First blueberry

At lunch time, after collecting Sophie from Kindi, we went for a lovely lunch at Super in Island Bay (they do the best bacon butties and have a gorgeous ‘secret garden’ out the back – very popular with parents and ‘littlies’). I really should write a glowing blog review on the cafe for ‘The Undercover Bloggers‘.

Sophie in the secret garden at Super Courtyard at Super

Anyway, with the sun shining and Alice well rested I decided we’d swing by the playground in Island Bay before heading home. It’s perfectly located to take in the sea views and we had a gorgeous time there.

Outlook from Island Bay playground

Sophie had fun climbing, swinging and sliding. Even with a cold she has the most tremendous, unstoppable energy.

Sophie flying on the sea-saw

Alice enjoyed a whizz down the slide on Sophie’s lap and a go in the swing.

Sophie & Alice

Before Alice got too tired we headed home, where Sophie played out some more in the garden and helped me clean up the old baby swing for Alice – which she LOVED!

Alice at home in the swing

Weeee swing!

Charlotte had dancing after school, which Frances took her to, so it was just me, Sophie and Alice. Alice had a lovely nap about 3ish, whilst Sophie had some much needed quiet time (she wanted to bake, but I couldn’t face it and she really did need some time to veg – as did I!), and by 5pm we were all refreshed for Charlotte’s return. Charlotte & Sophie have been getting on so well lately and played beautifully together this evening.

Ah, sunshine and prozac! Life is looking up again x

And one look at this cherub’s sparkling eyes makes all things right…

Alice 7 months