Family ties and new ones

It was at my wedding in 1999 that I last saw my wonderful Godparents, Trish and Andy. Trish is one of my Mum’s closest friends from childhood. They met when they were only 7 year’s old (the same age that Charlotte is now). When I told Charlotte this her little face glazed over with a look of incomprehension and awe. She quickly worked out the maths on how long they had been friends (but if I reveal the answer then I’ll be giving away both my mother and Trish’s age and I’m not sure I have their permission for that!).

Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to see them, as they travel through New Zealand. They came around for a BBQ, along with our new friends – of just a couple of years – Katy, Aaron and family. Katy’s father, and Andy, are both doctors and shared a practice together many years ago. It is incredible that Katy and I are now friends and both have wonderful childhood memories of visiting Trish and Andy in their amazing 1550 home in the countryside of England. Katy and I met at the local playground and she picked up on my English accent. It didn’t take us long to work out the connection with Trish and Andy. A small world it is indeed and, in this instance, a very wonderful one too.

Here we all are (we were quite ambitious getting five children to cooperate in front of the camera for a posed photograph!):

Trish & Andy come to visit

Hugging Trish made me feel a closeness to my dear Mum and Dad far away in England. I always called her and Andy, Aunt and Uncle, as they really have been family to me. I have the most wonderful memories of visiting them and playing with their children growing up.

It was a lovely afternoon. The children all played so well together and we all squeezed around the dining table for a lovely BBQ dinner.

Trish and Andy are in our thoughts as they travel on to the South Island tomorrow. Wishing them safe and very happy travels.

And thank you so much for the beautiful flowers…

Beautiful flowers