I Am: ‘Sleep is for the Weak’ Writing Workshop

I Am

Alive in the moment.
Engaged in the now.
A body of excitement,
Bathed in the sun’s glow.


Traces of the sea, stay to play.
As my skin drips, with jewels of spray.
The taste on my tongue is salty sweet,
Whilst waves of foam crash at my feet.


I giggle as the surf crashes to shore,
Catching a wave on a board at four.
Sand & sea are all I need,
To play this game with my board on a lead.


My Mum holds the lead & helps to catch me a wave,
No cares for the wet dress she is wearing today.
There is nothing for us to crave,
When we live in the moment & play this way.

I Am. That is All.


Visit Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop to see the other prompts and click here to read what others came up with. I chose the writing prompt ‘I Am’ and was inspired by Sophie’s immersion in the moment whilst playing at the beach on Wednesday evening.