Running in the spring sunshine

There’s a feeling in the air,
Which tints fair skin that’s bare,
Turns pretty petals to its stare,
And makes children want to run without a care.

valley marigolds

The school field fills with bare footed running,
On daises and clover that bows to their chanting,
Potato and spoon races, high jump and long jump,
Sack races and relays in giant shoes and clothes.

Potato & spoon Relay in giant shoes, top & cap

Their smiles light up in the equinoxes glow,
Spring sunshine makes the rhythm of life flow.
Little steps in new beginnings,
As the ground stirs with their trampling.

Alice all smiles Alice in swing

Evenings beckon children away from their beds,
To dance late in the sun well after they’ve fed.
The air is filled with a chorus of laughing,
Their sweet voices welcome summer with their singing.

punga fern Dance

Returning from work Daddy gets a welcome hug,
And drawings of love with chalk on the driveway.
Dinner is taken outside, holding on to the day,
Before night comes to tug it away.

Chalks chalk

There’s been some beautiful days of weather this past week. We’ve been walking back and forth to school, playing at the local park and enjoying the lighter evenings in the garden. This week has got off to a great start and the weather sure does make it easier. Today was Charlotte’s school athletics. Alice loved all the goings on and attention of the girls from Charlotte’s class. We stayed all morning, whilst Sophie was happy at Kindi and went onto a play date after. I pushed Alice home in the buggy and she fell asleep within minutes. She then slept for three hour’s in bed! Lovely!

We finished this evening with a play in the sun at our local park, a late dinner outdoors and chalk drawings on the drive-way to welcome Dan home from work at just gone 7pm. The girls gave him a dance performance before bed and the house was all quiet by 8.30pm. It’s so great to play out in the evenings again. Roll on the long summer hols when we don’t have to worry about earlier bedtimes for school and kindi in the morn.