Rainbows of spring

Yesterday, as I drove home from a little outing with my three daughters, I had that ‘rainbow’ feeling. The sun was glaringly bright behind me, but dark clouds were set strong in the sky before me, with rain showers in between. I drove the long way home and pulled in when this scene of natural wonder met my gaze. The children ran out to try and catch the rays, marvel in the magic and admire the beauty of a rain shower in spring.

Rainbows of spring in Wellington

Rainbows of spring

There’s rain showers and sunshine.¬†Rainbows to catch.

Children play out in the garden –

Popping bubbles, like hobbits, with toy swords.

They make ‘magic’ potions in bowls by the door –

with water, glitter, grass clippings, food colouring and flour.

They run in the garden and climb the trees –

the trampoline is brushed down and sprung upon (leaving the beds to breath!).

Spring is here and my work is clear –

To spruce up the garden, for outdoor living time is here!

© Sarah Lee, 2012