Sophie’s 5th Birthday Party with Harry the Clown!

Sophie waited eagerly on the driveway for each guest to arrive. She was the hostess with the mostess, dressed in her Cinderella gown from her Grandparents (the same one that Charlotte chose to wear for her 5th Birthday Party!). Sophie and Charlotte had everything running to a tee.

Party girl

The adults were simply accessories to take photos, serve drinks and food, moderate the politics of pass the parcel and attend to an unfortunate bee sting (very brave party goer, no tears, all good).

Harry the Clown phoned to say he’d be arriving twenty minutes later than planned – but thankfully the weather Gods turned a positive hand and showered our garden with sun just before the party was about to begin.

The children had a great time running in and out of the house, bouncing on the tramp, decorating cupcakes and bashing down the Pinata.

I did try my hand at a little entertaining with a few classic party songs, but was very relieved that my performance wasn’t too drawn out as Harry arrived in time to rescue me 🙂

party games

Harry the Clown is AMAZING! Hilarious for adults and children alike. The children were clutching their stomachs in fits of laughter. Tears were actually rolling down the cheeks of one party goer. The photographs in this slide show really capture the magic.

After we’d enjoyed Harry’s fabulous show, with a ‘real rabbit’ (great excitement!), and all the children had received the most amazing balloon creations…

Recently Updated171

we tucked into the party tea…shortly followed by candles and cake time!!!!

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And the incredible pink gingerbread house was rapidly devoured…

Recently Updated172


It really was an amazing party and we all had so much fun! It really was well worth the big build up and preparations!

And with the sun still smiling down on us they had a fabulous time running off all the excess sugar in the garden whilst waiting for the parents to come and collect their little treasures 🙂

The adults felt surprisingly relaxed (must have been the bubbly, tee hee!) and I enjoyed a rare tinkle on the piano whilst Alice jumped around on her Daddy’s knee (she stayed awake for the whole party – smiling all the way!) and the children played happily.

Alice finally fell asleep for a very late nap just past 6pm!

It was 9.30/10.00pm by the time the children were all fast asleep, but they were all so good and we finished off the evening in good company with the girls having a blue jelly bath (thanks Katy, Aaron, Jimmy and Annie!) and a couple of sparklers.


Ah, sigh, so much fun, but so glad we can rest a little now! xx