Celebrating our oldest daughter turning 13!

I don’t feel like I’m a parent to a teenager – at least, not in a ‘ARGH! I have teenager in the house, run for the hills!’ kind of way. But then, the teenage years last six years, so I am sure those moments will come, but right now our Miss 13 is a real delight and I just want to savour every precious moment that she’s home (as she’s increasingly out at various rehearsals for choir (she’s a member of two), productions and performances.

I just want to stop and pause for a moment to reflect on the past thirteen years and the journey so far. I started this blog in 2003, the year she was born, as a way to capture the magic along the way and I’m so grateful for having it to look back on.

Her Birthday was a lovely celebration, that she booked months in advance at ‘Lush’ in Old Bank Arcade, Wellington. She designed her invitations, took charge of organising the cake, which she baked and decorated herself, and was a great host on the night. It was a delight.

A colourful party cake for a colourful Birthday party at LUSH!

A colourful party cake for a colourful Birthday party at LUSH!

Her friends, and two younger sisters, gathered at LUSH for an hour and a half of bath bomb and face mask creating. It was so well organised by the three staff at LUSH and ran so well to time.

The girls all had a wonderful time.

We ordered in pizzas half way through the activities, which the girls readily ate before stepping outside to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Birthday girl (of course no candles could be lit indoors on account of the smoke alarms). It was a great evening and we wish our oldest daughter the happiest of teenage years ahead!