Too good to blog… but couldn’t resist a ‘quick one’!

The days are long, the nights hot (don’t get too excited – sticky children limpet style in bed rather than honeymoon style passion), the views are breathtaking, the beaches plentiful and quiet, the cafes and eateries plentiful, uniquely special, child-friendly and relaxed. We are half way through a wonderful, much anticipated and awaited holiday.

Abel Tasman

When the starlit nightfall graces the end of our non-stop days (that start early – not due to a full on itinerary, or long day of tramping in the bush, but due to our little darlings) we retire to bed; feeling completely spent in a wholesome mind/body way.

We’re taking hundreds of photographs, living in the moment, having adventures and enjoying a revitalizing change of scene and routine. Some evenings the children are up late and it’s nice not to care. Even if they do wake early, instead of having a lie in, we just give them a wide berth and have a chilled day. There are no high expectations. We have activities in mind we’d like to do; but going with the flow when the weather doesn’t deal us a favourable hand, one child is too tired or an old favourite is revisited and found to now be closed.

I won’t know where to begin in blogging about all that we’ve done. I usually write diary style as we go – but haven’t felt like that this holiday. Perhaps I’ll let the snippets of fun and stories unfurl in retrospect as and when.

For when term starts back in just under three weeks, and my parents-in-law have flown back to the UK, I’ll have six hour’s a day with just Alice and me. Nap times will be like gold – to write, maybe do a couple of sun-salutations, and to just ‘be’ in my own head-space.

It will be good to have all these good times to reflect back on when the evenings start to draw in.

Alice takes a nap on the beach