A celebration to share…

We could have slipped away for a romantic moment, but there was no one to look after the girls and little Alice is too young for us to leave at night. We didn’t want to spend money on cards and frivolities just for the sake of it, but we did want to do something a little different. With my dress far away in England there was no reminiscing, whilst feeling the crush of satin, lace and bodice, but in a box, under the bed, was my garter, stockings and corset.

I slipped away for a moment to that morning, twelve years ago, when I woke on the dawn of my wedding day. I remembered my mother’s hands helping me into my dress… and later on that evening my new husband’s hands helping me out of the dress. I slipped on those silk stockings, only worn once. I reached for the clasp and watched my hands fiddle with the lace. Hands that have aged twelve years and cradled three babies. The corset pulled tight around my middle, amazingly it still fits. A noise outside the bedroom door jolts me back to the present. Alice pushes it ajar, toddling in with her hands eager for me to hold her, and Dan stands outside looking in. He smiles and I look back, blushing a little and remembering.

What we would give for just half an hour, uninterrupted, but then this is a celebration to share. Charlotte and Sophie followed, giggling at me in ‘fancy dress’. They took it in turns to find the lucky sixpence hidden in the garter. I promised to ship my wedding dress over from England and dress up properly next year. Sophie asked if we could get married again, so they could join in. I put on the china rose and pearl necklace I had worn on my wedding day, with earrings that matched. I remembered my Mum asking my friend Nicki to help with the clasp, as her hands were shaking too much. That time before we left for the church was so precious. For me a whirl of excitement, but for my mother it must have been a moment filled with memories. Her little girl grown and starting on her own journey.

Now I have three daughters to watch over, treasure and raise to adulthood. This Wedding Anniversary, this year, was one to share.

Scorching Bay on the morning of our 12th Wedding Anniversary

The weather forecast was glorious and we decided that we’d get out the door first thing for a special Wedding Anniversary breakfast at beautiful Scorching Bay, a short ten-minute drive from our home. The cafe by the beach is super child friendly, with outdoor seating, high-chairs, toys and plenty of room for wriggly bottoms! We knew this wasn’t going to be a long, lingering breakfast, with hands held under the table admiring the dawn of the day. We ate like seagulls – fast, barely taking time for the coffee to touch the inside of our mouth, but it was good, so very, very good.

Wedding Anniversary breakfast at Scorch-o-Rama, Scorching Bay

And whilst we ate our precious off-spring of our love brought us anniversary gifts that no money could buy.


It was perfect (and no, I didn’t wear my corset to the beach!).

Scorching Bay