The wedding dress…

Counting down… not long now!

I’m in bed watching the ‘The Royal Channel’ on YouTube. Alice is asleep next to me on the futon. Sophie is asleep in my bed next to the futon. Dan is watching the proceedings on TV3 (screening the ITV coverage – Twitter peeps report it’s a lot more ‘jolly’ than BBC!). Charlotte is on her way to sleep (said she wasn’t that keen on staying up – but will watch the recording over morning tea tomorrow).

I remember watching the last ‘BIG’ royal wedding in 1981 – I was but 7 year’s old and staying in a little apartment in Germany, above a chocolate shop (very important when one is 7!). We watched the wedding in German (with English subtitles). I’ll never forget Diana’s dress unraveling… going on and on..

Now we await the moment that Kate Middleton walks down the aisle to marry her sweetheart Prince William. I wish them all the very, very best.

Any wedding brings back memories of my own special day (12 year’s ago this May) and thought, for a giggle, I’d share a few pics – these were taken before the digital camera and super post-editing era. My dress was fully hooped and fun to wear (my little nephews thought it was fun to try and hide under it!).

Our wedding day 1999

We had an amazing day and my most memorable moment was saying our vows to one another – the feeling of love and support from everyone in the church that day was incredible. I looked into my husband-to-be’s eyes and felt the love of two families, not just two people, being united.

Confetti shower

I hope Kate and William have a few private moments together on this very public celebration of their special day. Wishing them every happiness.