Thing’s I’m Loving… Decision Made!

There’s been a niggling, nagging feeling for a while now that someone moved the cheese. We could have stayed and waited it out, to see if another delivery of the good stuff was going to arrive – but we probably would have got awfully hungry, lethargic, zoned out and depressed. From time to time life throws us a challenge and we can either grumble about it or take action. We persevered for a while, waiting to see if the cheese would arrive. We were offered lots of support and guidance. But in the end… we decided to go look for new cheese.

Thankfully we have a little time up our sleeves. We have till Sophie turns 6 to either find a new source of cheese or return to the old source and hope a little time has helped mature the scene for a more prosperous future. In the meantime we shall take a journey and enjoy new discoveries. We shall follow the scent of a rich path of learning. We shall huddle together as a unit, enjoying this time to take stock and give Sophie time to enjoy growing in her nurturing role as a big sister to Alice.

She’s a bright, energetic, outgoing young lady in the community. The locals know her by her cheeky smile, twinkling, alert eyes. As her parents we are her advocates. She has spoken loudly and demands to be inspired. She loves learning and has an energy that everyone we meet marvels, comments and feels quite exhausted by! She lives in an exciting city with a wealth of resources to learn from, both physical and natural. She never wastes a moment of her day. She is hungry for life and lives every minute at racing car speed.

Like the four little friends in WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? For Kids, who search out the Magical Cheese that will make them happy – some children look for change early like Sniff, some may hurry to action like Scurry, some may resist change like Hem, and still others may learn to adapt like Haw. Sophie has been sniffing for change and pushing for action. She already understands that,

‘The best change happens inside of you – like when you believe a change can lead to something better.’

As of next week Sophie will be unschooling. It’s a huge relief to have come to this decision.

Though we suspect Sophie’s hoping the new cheese is a little more sugar coated 😉

Sophie's on the hunt for something a little more sugar coated

We have explained that with the highs come the lows, yin and yang, ebb and flow… if this week’s action is anything to go by then she’s learning fast (and teaching her younger sister well too!).  Sophie and Alice rolled up their sleeves and did a marvellous job of washing up on Thursday after making cupcakes.

Sophie & Alice hard at work washing up after baking cupcakes on Thursday

The question is, where will this new path take us?

If Sophie’s progress in horse riding is anything to go by the pace will be furiously fast (two lessons and she’s already ticked off rising trot and canter – hands free – next week she learns to steer a horse by the name of ‘Charm’, without the aid of a lead rope).



‘I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.’

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