My house is turning into an art gallery!

I’m going to be running out of wall space at this rate! Charlotte, in particular, is producing artwork faster than I can find a hammer and nail (and spare wall to hang them!). She’s been working away on an art exhibition at school this term, which has fired up her natural imagination and creativity to a new level.

Art everywhere

Sophie has been joining in too. I love this idea of using odds and ends of ‘junk’ from around the house and recycling it into a colour themed piece of art. I also love Sophie’s impromptu whiteboard drawings – she did this before we hopped in the bath…

Sophie's artwork

Sophie has also been working hard on her writing skills too – she’s now confidently sounding out words to freely express herself in written form (her handwriting takes a little bit of deciphering at times, but on the whole we manage to understand what she’s saying!). Sophie works particularly well when there’s a reward involved… I have a stash of ‘lucky dip’ rubbers, wrapped up for her to select one from on completion of an ace piece of work! She’s well on her way to getting an awesome rubber collection (all donations of rubbers gratefully appreciated!). She particularly loves the ‘Gomu‘ rubbers (which are very cute… but she’s starting to write faster than I can afford rubbers… so I’m going to have to up the stakes as to what qualifies as ‘rubber’ standard!). I told her she needs to set up her own blog, where she can ‘write stories for rubbers’!

A trip to Scorching Bay at the weekend

Alice, meanwhile, still thinks paint looks better on her feet, hands and hair than paper. She also things rubbers look like lollies. I spend a lot of time distracting Alice whilst the art work and writing is ┬áin progress. I also am constantly heard asking my big girls to not leave paint and brushes out where little hands can easily access them – not unless I’m close at hand with a large bucket of soapy water and a towel!

I have to share this that Sophie wrote about her little sister… (tee hee!):

Sophie writing about her little sister Alice