That time it Snowed in Wellington!

The last time it snowed in Wellington was back in the seventies. It’s exceedingly rare, especially at sea-level. A ‘Facebook’ page, ‘That time it Snowed in Wellington‘, has already been set up with thousands of people sending in their photos from all the city suburbs.

Our gnome down at sea-level in Welly is digging it!

Happy gnome in the snow at sea-level in Wellington

Charlotte and Sophie were soooooo excited. We came out of the swimming pool, in Kilbirnie, and were met with flurries of snow. They couldn’t wait to get home and put the snow gear that Grandma & Granddad had sent to good use. Charlotte said, ‘It’s like a dream!’. They attempted snow angels on the picnic bench…

Snow angels on the picnic bench

And of course scooped up as much as possible…

Charlotte with a big ball of ice!

And looked for the nearest target…

Sophie looking serious with a ball of snow... watch out!

It was all over too soon, but so good whilst is lasted. They’ll be going to bed tonight dreaming of more (and according to the latest news reports there could be more! The next few days are forecast to be very cold!).

Moments of fun in a dusting of white stuff - so, so rare in Welly!

For us it’s all a bit of fun, but our thoughts are with motorists trapped in the snow this cold night and farmers who’ll be working hard to take care of their stock.

One animal that will be delighted with the cold snap is dear ‘Happy Feet’, still re-couperating in the good hands of the staff at Wellington Zoo. Staff have said that Happy Feet may well be let out for a swim in the pool tomorrow!

Finally, you have to see this absolutely beautiful video filmed and edited by Ro Tierney, ‘Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington’: a once in a lifetime experience…

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo.