Things I’m Loving: Alice at 19 months, sunshine, old-friends & end of term!

♥ Loving old friends surprising us out of the blue. Charlotte’s friend from birth, who moved to Australia a few years ago, is in town! We caught up at the beach after school on Thursday. What a scorcher! Loved the sunshine this week.

Charlotte's friend Inde comes to visit from Australia

♥ Loving Sophie having two trial days at a new school and coming home positively FIZZING!

♥ Loving Alice at 19 months, talking like a parrot, climbing, jumping (yes! she can jump!), singing and dancing. Such a cutie… even at dawn when she stands up in bed, flapping her arms, saying, ‘Birds sing! La, la, la, laaaa! Birds fly!’.

Alice playing

♥ Loving that Alice now loves napping in her buggy, though she sleeps longer at home and I get to rest too.

Alice enjoying a nap in the buggy

♥ Loving that Charlotte has been to school every day of her first term at her new school. She has come home bounding with positive energy every day. So proud of her settling in so quickly and with such great confidence. She has performed in her first guitar concert at the school, performed in the choir and volunteered to represent her ‘House’ on stage in the end of term ‘House Chants’ (and her ‘House’, out of the five, won the chant!). She’s also been on FIVE school trips in ONE term (lucky girl!). She’s posted some pics on her blog of her visit to Zealandia, Catch-Pool Valley and Matiu-Somes Island.

♥ Loving that Charlotte and Sophie’s school has finished the term this Friday (a week earlier than most other schools) and we plan to make the most of enjoying the temporary ice-rink that’s up in Queen’s Wharf throughout October. We have two weeks to relax and recharge before term four. It’s a short term, just eight weeks, which will roll by in a flash as we head into the festive season and long summer break.

♥ Loving driving into the countryside with Sophie on a Friday afternoon for her horse riding lesson. She went on her first trek and LOVED it! Next time she goes on a trek I’m definitely going to tag along for a ride!

Sophie returns from her first horse trek

♥ Loving and laughing with Alice who wants to ‘bake cakes’! She’s pretty good at stirring 🙂

Alice making her first cakes

♥ Loving that Alice now likes reading books (not chewing them!). She often sits down and says, ‘Read book, read book!’.

Alice 'reading' books

Have a very happy weekend everyone! x


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