LOVED the feel of summer in the bay on 11.11.11: The Gallery

Sophie giving her best 'Zen' pose at Dan's office

11/11 is always a day to stop and remember. To remember those that fought and lost their lives so we could be free. 11.11.11 marks the 93rd anniversary of Armistice Day. The last day of WWI. More than 100,000 New Zealand soldiers served overseas for what is still remembered as the Great War. Exactly 16,697 soliders lost their lives during battle and 41,317 were injured.

There is a very touching post and photograph over on the lovely Tara’s blog – Sticky Fingers – for her ‘Gallery’ this week.

Here in Wellington, New Zealand 11.11.11 was a ripper. After numerous windy and wet days it felt so good to leave the car in the garage and take my toddler, Alice for a spin in the buggy down to the bay. I’d woken up feeling quite sad and flat, after waving my older girls off to school. I felt quite lost and not sure what to do with the day. But a walk, sunshine and scenery soon made the day turn bright.

11.11.11 looked really good from this angle…

Overlooking Lyall Bay, Wellington

Lyall Bay was serenely calm.

A calm day at Lyall Bay

Summer was 100% in the bay. Definitely a day for hats…

A sunny hat day on 11.11.11

…and a fluffy for Alice, whilst I enjoyed a latte, at the wonderful Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli.

Alice enjoying a fluffy at Queen Sally's Diamond Deli

A day for dipping our toes in the ocean (and later painting our toes)…

Alice paddling at Lyall Bay

Whilst I pondered on the thought of what the world will be like 100 years from today, when 11.11.11 comes round again.

Sparkling sun on the water at Lyall Bay

Will my daughters’ live to see it and maybe return to dip their toes in the sea or balance giant Jenga blocks?

Will Charlotte, at 108, hold her little sister Alice, at 101, and talk of 11.11.2011?

Charlotte & Alice at school pick up

Will Alice look back and remember the feeling of walking on a bed of daisies under oak trees lush with spring foliage?

Walking in sunshine on a bed of daisies

Will Sophie, at 105, remember the evening she spent at her Daddy’s office and later enjoyed a special Yum Cha dinner?

Sophie 11.11.2011 at Dan's office, Friday evening

When the clock reached 11 minutes past the 11th hour I did stop to consider posing in a zen like posture in the garden for a self-timer photo… but quickly thought better of it and emptied the dishwasher whilst Alice took a nap in the buggy!

Alice taking a nap at 11.11 on 11.11.2011

I soon got tired of domesticity and scooped Alice up to bed, where I took a nap with her on the futon

– now that’s a little more zen like!

Especially with my mind clear of all anxiety, my breath relaxed, my dreams filled with serene scenes.


My body relaxed from a walk in the sun, my feet thankful for some bare-footed time on the sand and grass.

Walking on sunshine

I hope everyone in the world felt a little ray of light in their hearts on 11.11.11. I also hope, in one hundred years from now, our precious world is just as precious and a little less rough around the edges for those that are suffering.



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