Things I’m Loving – this last OFFICIAL week of Summer (but I’m giving it 3 more weeks!)

So much to love this week – but then the sunshine and continued light evenings make it very easy! Loved seeing young Alice write the first letter of her name in the sand at beautiful Lyall Bay…

Alice writing the first letter of her name in the sand at Lyall Bay beach

Sophie had a fabulous play at the beach with Alice too. I love Sophie’s enthusiasm for the water – she was even diving head first through the waves. Alice is still quite ‘salt averse’ needing a rinse off with fresh water soon after the salt starts to itch her skin. She adores the sand though – quite happy to roll like a puppy dog in it, covering every millimetre of her skin and hair with sand!

Lyall Bay Beach end of summer fun

The man of the house enjoyed some fun at the bay this week too – with an evening on the paddle board as the full moon rose in the sky.

My ‘crystal children’ visited the local crystal shop on the day of the full moon and returned home with some gems to add to their collection and wash in salt water.

Crystal children

I enjoyed the opportunity to get out for a run and achieved nearly 8km in 45 minutes (including walking up a very, very steep hill at the end of it!). The scenery, calm weather and pumping ‘Running Trax Summer 2013‘ from the Ministry of Sound make a great combination.

Beautiful scenery on my runs

Our oldest daughter showed great strength, independence and resilience on her first school camp at ‘Highland Home‘ a New ZealandĀ Christian Camp. So proud of her and great to have her home this evening smiling.

Climbing, abseiling and earth boarding

She experienced so much in the three day camp, with climbing, abseiling, earth boarding, river swimming and a little caving (though the cave wetas put her off doing much!).

Beautiful scenery at Highland Home Christian Camp

She did some rifle shooting too – and was pretty accurate with her aim!

Charlotte Y6 camp

Whilst she was away, Sophie and Alice spent a lot of time with our neighbour’s children – either hanging out at the playground or gaming…

Sophie, Alice and our neighbours children

We had a blast at the playground this evening, soaking up the last of the summer sun whilst we can, joined by our neighbour’s son – whilst our Charlotte hung out with his big sister.

Making the most of the evening sun whilst it lasts

It’s been an active week all round, with plenty of creativity too.

Alice being creative

I took Sophie and Alice to the swimming pool up the coast mid-week – and had to get Alice new togs (Kiwi speak for swimming costume). She LOVED them and gave me a special pose in the changing rooms before hand!

H2O Porirua swimming pool

We loved spending half a day with the ‘Natural Learners’ group too at the Avalon Park in Lower Hutt. Sophie ran around for four hours with her natural learning friends, playing on their bikes, scooters, at the playground and making up stories and pretend adventures!

Avalon Park

So it’s been a blast of a week all round. It really has been the most amazing summer I can remember here in Wellington – and around New Zealand. We have a few more weeks left before our clocks wind back an hour and there’s a definite feeling, in everyone, that we have to ‘make the most’ of this last blast of sunshine. Wish it could last forever – but then our dear friends and family in the UK deserve a big fix of sunshine after their cold winter!

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