A Christmas to remember 2011

This was a Christmas Day to remember. Sunshine, blue sky and family.

Summer Christmas

Good health and a feast just right for a summer’s day, where appetite’s call for something light.

A play at the playground mid-afternoon for Sophie & Alice with their Mummy, whilst the rest of the family is paddle boarding at the beach. In the oven dinner is cooking.

A walk in the sunshine and a nap for young Alice. Beautiful scenery shared in wonderful company. My dear Mum and Dad, walking by my side.

Nap time and walk time

Grandparents united with their energetic grandchildren. A daughter reunited with her parents.

Cheers to Grandma and Granddad

Nursery rhymes and toes so ticklish that laughter comes easily and runs as smooth as gravy.

Tickle toes

Cranberry sauce, turkey and vegetables fresh….

Christmas dinner

…a young baker in the making serves cup cakes so festive.

Alice helping to bake

Presents gratefully received and given with love.

Christmas morning opening presents after breakfast

Playing and laughing together. Surprises hidden in packages wrapped with love and care.

Fun and laughter

Sisters negotiating a doll’s high-chair that needs to be put together and seeing their happy little sister play with her new toys (including an Upsy Daisy lovingly carried to New Zealand, across the oceans from England, by Grandma and Granddad).

Alice's doll high chair

Music and singing carols, dancing and smiles.

So very fortunate!

Christmas dresses so pretty, a gift from wonderful Great Auntie Ellen & Uncle John in England.

Beautiful Christmas dresses from Auntie Ellen & Uncle John

Always our thoughts with loved ones on distant shores. Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, and Dan’s dear parents too. This year, for the first time in a very long time, we were overjoyed to share the celebrations with visiting family. Having Grandma and Granddad here is the very best gift of all.

Love and best wishes to you too x