Loving a full house this summer!

It’s been just over a week since Grandma & Granddad flew into Wellington to join in our crazy family life for six weeks. We are so loving them being here and extremely grateful to them for making the long journey and being so ‘hands on’ with their grandchildren and the mess, noise and chaos that comes with children, hee, hee!

In the past week we’ve celebrated Sophie’s Birthday (and had a mad party), shared the celebrations of Christmas and enjoyed wall to wall sunshine.

Charlotte has taken them on a trip to Matiu-Sommes Island and also to Zealandia – she is a great ambassador for Wellington and a super tour-guide!

Charlotte with Grandma & Granddad at Zealandia

Alice has been full of adoration for Grandma & Granddad, laughing so much at their playful ways and chatting away to them with absolute joy and ease (and trying to have a taste of Granddad’s beer!).

Alice sampling Granddad's beer

We had a beautiful moment, just Alice and I with Grandma and Granddad at Princess Bay.

A magic moment at Princess Bay

We’d been on a steep and hilly walk and after enjoying the scenery (whilst managing to stay upright and not do ourselves any harm!) we were feeling very happy to be at the calm beach playing skipping stones.

Headland reserve Houghton Bay

I shall think back to that time together many, many times after they’ve returned to England. The track was steeper than I remembered and the loose stones on the downward track made it quite dangerous ground – imagine walking down-hill on a lot of ball bearings. I hadn’t forewarned them of the conditions and dear Dad walked carefully in front of Mum, so she could lean on him should she fall. So much love.

At the end of the track, just before we came out of the bush, a fan-tail enchanted us for a while. We always have a magic moment with a fan-tail together. They are such beautiful little birds, flitting so close with their beautiful little tails, so inquisitive and friendly. This one nearly landed on Alice’s head – as she was on my back in the back-pack!

It’s been a week of special moments shared, at home in the garden….

Fun in the garden

and out at the beach and the bay, sharing food (and much needed coffee for us grown-ups!)…

Maranui surf cafe

and fun at the swimming pool, riding the hyrdro-slide (even Alice!) and playing Pirate Ship mini-golf.

mini golf

Now we’re off on a summer holiday together to see in the New Year. Love!

After our treat of sunshine over Christmas there is rain forecast for the New Year, but we are packed to the rafters with puzzles, music, a guitar, sketch pad and art materials. We’re looking forward to stopping on the beautiful Kapiti coast at a beach house and having fun whatever the weather (thanks to our friend Frances for house-sitting whilst we’re away – doesn’t look like the garden will need too much watering!).

We’ll be back in a week… radio silence starts now (though hubbie says, ‘Pack your laptop,’ I’m going to try to resist -especially with Alice not sleeping very well for me!).

Happy New Year dear friends and family! Hope 2012 is a good one for you all! x