Cake, candles and ride-ons for Alice’s 2nd Birthday

Two years ago Charlotte and Sophie met their baby sister Alice. They came to greet her in their favourite dresses, sensing it was a very special occasion. Alice had arrived into the world like a dolphin greeting the sunshine Рpivoting around as she sprung out of the watery womb of her beginning into air that would  fill her lungs with intoxicating breath. She latched on to her mother, tasting the milk that would sustain her growth for the first six months of her life and which she would still be drinking on her second Birthday.

A Birthday of family celebration, simple fun, lots of cake, singing and blowing out of candles, over and over again.

A morning that started with a bath with her sisters and a kiss goodbye to her Daddy heading out to work. Presents left till the afternoon to open when Daddy returned, but plenty of fun throughout the day unwrapping little surprises (including her sisters!).

Morning of Alice's Birthday

Morning tea in the sunshine, with her sisters at the Chocolate Fish Cafe, playing on ride-ons and blowing out the first candles of the day (all schooling on hold as we celebrated the most amazing miracle of all – life!).

Alice is two - celebrating with morning tea at the Chocolate Fish

Lunch at home and more cake, before a cosy nap.

Deep breath and puff!

Waking up to Daddy coming home and a play at the beach before dinner (Alice’s favourite – spinach and potato curry!).

Birthday evening at Island Bay

After dinner we blew out more candles – for Daddy’s benefit (as he’d been hard at work all day and definitely deserved a slice of cake!). When the cake was all gone, the enthusiasm for blowing out candles continued… so we moved onto play-dough cake and the singing, blowing and relighting continued over and over again!

Happy Birthday to wonderful Alice! What a clever girl too – going for a number two on the potty all by yourself on your Birthday! And a milestone for Mummy too – after 2 years and 9 months of enjoying no menstrual cycle – my period returned on the eve of Alice’s second Birthday (must be the influence of the good Pinot Noir my folks left in the cupboard from their recent visit to NZ!).

A happy, singing, dancing girl that loves to join Mummy in playing the piano – even with her twinkly toes!

Alice's toes at two on the piano!