Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Rapunzel, let down your hair!


I can only manage bullet points. This afternoon has been… (and gone and now I’m drinking red wine – faster than I should be):

  • 7 children (3 my own, 2 soon to be neighbour’s children – no parent help – busy moving in next door, 2 friends – with their Mummy)
  • 2 adults (myself and a wonderful friend – who brought round a box of Guide biscuits – thank you x)
  • baking cupcakes
  • watching children perform Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel (which they rehearsed, directed and performed amazingly well)
  • washing clothes, putting out to dry, running them indoors in case of rain
  • mopping up broken glass (Alice)
  • mopping up spilt noodles (Alice)
  • mopping up spilt juice – this morning (Alice) and water (Alice)… I’m doing the ‘ignore’ the bad, ‘praise’ the good… it’s taking a while for her to get the message!
  • cleaning up toys and miscellaneous objects from any surface

And this morning…. (feels like another day entirely – but yesterday was an afternoon of 8 children – with one other supporting adult – who brought scones – thank you x):

  • Started at 6am
  • jog at 7.15am (half an hour of blissful time to myself – thank you *more than you can imagine* hubbie dearest)
  • a shower, post jog, shared with toddler
  • breakfast – and clean up
  • took 3 children to wave pool (and accompanied them down hydro slide and around not so lazy river – holding a toddler – more times than I care to remember – whilst looking enviously at adults lounging in spa pool)
  • came home – put togs in washer

I must now stop typing on computer, stop drinking red wine, cook dinner and put laundry away… oh and get the children to bed etc. etc. (there’s a pile of dishes still to do, noodles on the bench top, water spillage, new toys scattered on the floor whilst I’ve been taking a moment to restore my sanity).

Hubbie is promised home at 7pm – hurray – cavalry to the rescue! :0) – Don’t worry – I don’t need the men in white coats. I’m perfectly sane. This is all perfectly normal. La de da de daaaaa!

Ahhhh, and this was the scene that greeted me in my half hour of ‘me’ time today:

Sun rising on my morning sanity jog :)

* Whilst I’ve been typing this my 8 year old has been keeping my 2 year old brilliantly entertained by drawing on her feet, belly, cheeks and forehead – erm, 2 year old now sporting green whiskers!

* Did I mention I’m having a garage sale in a week and a half and the garage is being taken over with under 2 children’s stuff!