Daddy’s back & a ‘Run’ for Lyrical Sunday

We greeted Daddy at Wellington Airport, first thing on Monday morning. We knew he’d be tired from his travels – but we weren’t expecting him to be quite so burned out…

Sophie at the Fonterra Science Roadshow at Wellington Airport

There wasn’t much meat left on him – but he still managed to pedal a bike next to Sophie at the Fonterra Science Roadshow! Hee,hee!

Alice so happy her Daddy is home

It wasn’t just Daddy that felt a little worn out – Sophie, Alice and I were recovering from a gastric bug (Charlotte thank goodness avoided it).

This was the day after Alice had just stopped being sick and I took her and Sophie down the beach for some fresh sea air (unfortunately Sophie and I started to vomit that night!).

Catching some fresh air at Lyall Bay

We were all very relieved to see our ‘rock’ return home to us on Monday. Four night’s away seemed like a long time.

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And my friend Cyndi inspired this little poem (setting the theme of ‘Run’ for Lyrical Sunday)…

Lyrical Sunday

RUN: from empty to free!

For days I’d been running, from –

one sick child to another.

Fetching towels, bowls and washing –

till I too started to chunder.

And then, when I felt better –

a real run I did hunger.

I waited for the freedom –

to stride out, my pace, alone.

My children left in good hands –

their Dad returned from foreign lands.

I picked up tempo and ran –

free from chores, demands and talk…

and the whirr, whirr, whirr of the washing machine!

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