Photo A Day MAY | A favourite place

I thought of taking a journey into my memory bank, where so many favourite places live, but in the end I wanted to capture a moment from today. It was a blustery, autumnal day here in Wellington. A Saturday morning of taking it easy. The older girls played a game of Yahtzee, whilst Alice was in an imaginary world of her own creation.  Hubbie and I took a lot longer than normal choosing what to wear for the day – as we took the opportunity to enjoy a few moments to ourselves, ah hem!

But my favourite place for today – other than my bed – has to be the couch! Not because I’m a couch potato (I rarely sit down, especially on the couch – normally find myself strewn across the floor playing a game with the girls or cuddled up in a bean bag or bed sharing a book). Today, Alice took a lovely nap in my arms, whilst Dan was out playing soccer and my big girls played card games. Charlotte took this snap on my phone…

Enjoying nap time, whilst it lasts

I have to treasure these moments, as they’ll probably be over before the year is out. Alice has started waking in the middle of the night, or going to bed very late, if she has too long a nap – especially a nap too late in the day. We’re in the topsy turvy phase of her not quite having the stamina to last a whole day without a nap – but sometimes a nap can throw us out of kilter for a few days too. Thankfully, there is no harm done – as Dan does the honours in ensuring Charlotte gets to school on time every day (she has to leave at 8am!). Sophie, my home-schooler, Alice and I have no need to rush out the door and be anywhere, so we just live by the moment and hook up with our other home-schooler friends later in the day.

So here’s to nap time! One of my favourite places to be – tucked up with Alice – either on the couch, or on the futon, but definitely in the comfort of home.

And just look at her cute feet!