Slices of life | 7 – 11 | #PhotoADayJuly | School hols

7. garden | 8. lunch | 9. big | 10. my favourite colour | 11. letter

(all taken on my phone – which has taken a few tumbles for the worse – multi-tasking with little people does that – hence dodgy, out of focus quality!)



This is the view I see every day, changing through the seasons, half way up the stairs. It’s a beautiful big window and makes the journey up and down the stairs of our home a very pleasant one – which is just as well, as I must run, walk, stumble, crawl and get chased (or chase, a little person) up and down them countless times every day (and half of the night!).


lunch that was dinner

Felt so tired on Sunday and fell asleep with Alice in the afternoon. Completely missed lunch – but dinner made up for it. We had a family pizza at ‘Heavens’ on Cuba Street. This was my entree, yum!

I even found a moment to do a very crude sketch of the amazing sculpture surrounding the wood-fire that cooked all the scrumptious pizzas, including the dessert of ‘chocolate pizza’ – which all, but Charlotte, thought was divine – her outspoken thoughts on what it looked like were not very appetizing to hear! She had a gelato instead!

9. BIG

Sorry to disappoint – but I failed on this day – though did ‘think’ about photographing our ‘big’ goldfish; my oldest daughter’s big static hair (after a deliberate run in with a balloon); my ‘big’ bowl of coffee (but I thought about photographing it after I drank it – too desperate to wait!); and a ‘big’ pile of clean laundry on my 6 and 9 year old daughters bedroom floors (I’ve given up hanging it up for them – my own clothes are now top of the priority list for a change – I’m no longer living off the floor – having run out of time each day to hang my own clothes due to hanging and putting away four other people’s clothes… ).

Clearly ‘laundry’ is the BIGGEST issue here (I’m sure a photograph of it is unnecessary – other than to embarrass them on their wedding day in front of their new parents-in-law). I’m hoping they eventually get sick of living off the floor and start to use the wardrobe… I’ve been waiting for a few weeks!



I used to say ‘blue’ for years without doubt – but now every colour of the rainbow brings me happiness. But still – the blue of the sea and the bright blue of the sky on a mid-winter’s day – always lifts me high.


Given to me today (love the spelling of ‘dish is’). An apology from my six year old. She’s exhausting, exasperating, high energy – but can be lazy (when it suits her – and doesn’t suit the rest of the family), has a stubborn streak and can be very cheeky, as well as bossy. She thinks she has an answer to everything and doesn’t like to be proved wrong. She’s hard work a lot of the time, but has her heart in the right place!