Loving natural learning in the sun

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening
in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for…
no matter how simple it is.

Alice pretending to ride a wave at Avalon Park, Lower Hutt

There’s a park called Avalon through the mists of Lower Hutt,

Where fairy like folk play when the sun is in the sky.

There’s no lady in the lake, but some ducks to feed –

and a road for little people to adventure on and play.

This is where we found ourselves, on Wednesday this week –

with a group of natural learners –

Sat on our picnic rug lilly pads, with the children running free.

On Tuesday we’d spent the morning swimming &

the afternoon mixing baking soda and vinegar…

Volcanic action on Tuesday

Monday was a day of puzzles, maths and learning.

Wednesday evening I mowed the lawn for the first time in months –

and would have happily dined on just beer and the scent of grass clippings

(luckily Daddy bought take-out home!).

Wednesday a beer earned after cutting the grass

Thursday morning I took my youngest for a walk round the zoo –

and played the drums, in the African village, with escapist glee from my household chores

(thanks Frances for minding the big kids!).

For lunch we went to The Chocolate Fish – with all three of my cheeky daughters –

we had a blast, in the sun, and playing on the ride-ons.

Friday I loved my girls all being home.

A morning of ‘Wind in the Willows’ and home-made latte,

before an afternoon on Wellington’s waterfront –

finding starfish and taking in the view from skyscraper buildings.


There was paperwork at the lawyers, for Mummy and Daddy,

that will see our little lives a changing.

A new job for Daddy, that will take us far away from Aotearoa next year –

but a little closer to ‘ole Blighty and our beloved whanau there.

24th floor of a skyscraper in Wellington

So much to be thankful for, this last day of winter.


(Well, it certainly felt like it –

what with all the young folk jumping into the harbour from the diving plank on the waterfront!).

I’m thankful that I didn’t have to jump in after my little’uns – just some starfish handling 😉


Here’s to a weekend of sunshine and family time

(lucky for me I have my oldest home Monday & Tuesday too).

And, lots of ‘au natural’ time too (hey Harry!).


And, Happy Fathers Day too! Cracked up at this sign, spotted in the supermarket…



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