My Monday in photographs & World Photography Day

Sunday was ‘World Photography Day‘ (but I didn’t know that then – I found out on Monday).

I am no ace photographer, but I love photography and seeing the world through different people’s eyes. I only used to take holiday snaps but, with the digital age and having children on the opposite side of the world to their Grandparents, I now rarely let a day pass without taking a photograph.

Our Sunday was a busy family day of helping out with homework, a spot of rock pooling with Alice and Charlotte down at Island Bay Marine Centre and preparing a costume for Charlotte’s ‘International Week’ at school. She has to dress up on Friday to represent a country of choice. She chose the United States of America and is dressing up as ‘The Statute of Liberty’.

Charlotte in her Statute of Liberty Costume

We had enough felt and fabric to make Sophie a costume a too – and Dan strutted his stuff (he was the master mind behind the crown).

Recently Updated977

After I discovered, on Monday, it had been ‘World Photography Day’ on Sunday I decided to take more snaps than usual.

This was my Monday in photographs…

It started with a snap on my phone camera of my morning bucket of coffee. I have finally learned to make my own latte in the morning – after years of hurrying the children out the door as soon as possible (sometimes without breakfast!) to buy a latte in a nearby cafe. I’m saving a fortune making them myself (as I generally used to end up buying a lot of extras, other than coffee, in the cafes with children in tow!).

I like to make myself a bucket of coffee in the morning

Monday morning was spent at Junglerama, Hutt Park. It was our first visit and we were blown away! I was also very happy to squeeze in a little adult chit chat with a couple of friends.

Alice at Junglerama Lower Hutt

Sophie and Alice had such a fun time playing with ‘Latte Junkie‘ blog writer’s son – ‘Monkey’ too!

BIG fun on the slide for Sophie, Alice & 'Monkey'

We left a little after midday, with Alice falling asleep in the car before we’d even exited the car-park. She did well to keep going as long as she did – since she’d been awake since 6.30am (and hadn’t gone to sleep till 10pm the night before!).

We drove to Charlotte’s school and parked up outside. Sophie had a play on the swings whilst I waited for Alice to wake up. She didn’t sleep long – just over half and hour of a power nap. We played in the park together for a while – with Sophie pretending to be Alice’s puppy dog and play ‘fetch’!


It was a little cold for too long a play though, so we retreated to the amazing library at Charlotte’s school for some reading and counting time. Charlotte was in the library with her class and she was happily surprised to see us there.

Reading and counting time

After school I had a couple of jobs to do before stopping off at Oriental Bay playground. Charlotte and Sophie raced each other to the top of the climbing frame (I stayed out of the politics at the top…! Those girls can get darn competitive at times!).

Charlotte and Sophie race to the top!

Alice is getting good at climbing too and it won’t be long before she’s joining in the race!

Climber Alice

After climbing the girls spent ages watching the waves splashing up (and daring each other to get close – and wet!).

Oriental Bay

Thankfully I didn’t have to dive in and rescue anyone (though Sophie did get well and truly splashed – much to her glee!).

We got home before dark and it wasn’t long after that the man of our house returned from work.

I’m so enjoying the evenings getting gradually lighter and having more time to be outdoors after school with Charlotte and her younger sisters. I’m also so thankful for digital photography, so I can record all these precious moments in the making!