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Wellington is the home of ‘Big Weather’. The sky scape changes rapidly. It is often four seasons in one day.

Wellington from Brooklyn wind turbine

The clouds can race so fast that they make you feel dizzy (especially if you happen to stand under a city high-rise and look up!).

Majestic Centre, Wellington city

From high vantage points over the hilly harbour city…

Brooklyn Wind turbine, Wellington

and from sea level…

Oriental Parade

the sky always enthralls me, as much as the hills and sea that make up Wellington’s geography.

Lyall Bay, Wellington

The colours of the day and the mood of the seasons…

Setting sun over Evans Bay

all reflected in the sky on an infinitely changing canvas.

Taken at Carlucciland, Wellington

From dawn to dusk,

through the blue summer skies and the storms of winter –

From the high hilly tops,

to the splash of salt water at sea level –

The canvas is ever changing –

as are the colours on the palette.

No one place in Wellington can ever be the same again –

There is an energy that keeps it changing –

Even when the sun sets on each day.

© Sarah Lee, 2012

Sunset from Shelly Bay, Wellington