Things I’m Loving – parks, gardens, beaches & daylight

I can’t say enough how much better I feel when my body is exposed to longer hours of daylight. I don’t need hot temperatures and scorching sunshine, just more hours of daylight to make my whole being glide smoothly over life’s little hurdles (instead of crashing at every one). I feel more energized and positive. My mind is more focused, and the haze that had been sitting over me since May is lifting away. I feel like one of the flowers in the gardens coming into bloom; having hibernated in the depths of the ground over the winter I am now raising my head to the sun.

Blooms of spring

Waking up, like my young Alice from a nap, feeling my head clear and my body charged for action.

Waking from a nap

Every morning, filled with blue, I want to be out in it.

Beautiful Scorching Bay, Wellington on a spring afternoon

The evenings are full of promise and opportunity for exercise, play and time in the garden. I am free to go for a jog, alone with my thoughts and the beautiful scenery on our doorstep. I linger to collect treasures to surprise my youngest with on my return.

Collecting treasures on an evening jog around Princess Bay on Wellington's south coast

It’s the season for dancing in all weathers and chasing rainbows.

Alice and her rainbow hat at the rose gardens feeding the ducks, Wellington

A time for rediscovering places forgotten over winter, when the cold southerly wind has driven us indoors.

Karori Park in Wellington

This first week of daylight saving, with evenings light till 8pm, I’ve embraced the beauty on our doorstep. Wellington’s bountiful parks, gardens and beaches make living her feel like a holiday sometimes.

Wellington Botanical Garden


I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life,
there is always something you can be thankful for…
no matter how simple it is.